Why Driving A Luxurious Car Is Most Likely To Help You Close A Deal

Gone are the days when companies would merely use the traditional methods of advertising and make sales. Nowadays, people want something that motivates them to purchase. Companies have slowly learned to target specific clients by offering them not just a product but a lifestyle they crave. This is known as lifestyle marketing.

Lifestyle marketing is getting to research your target audience and giving them what they desire. So this brings us to this; how can renting or buying an exotic car help your business? 

1.    People appreciate luxurious cars

The truth is, almost everybody enjoys a fancy car. A car defines your personality a lot. If you pull on the driveway with an old dirty car, nobody will notice you. However, if you have a sleek, sporty car, everybody around you will notice.

As much as the car matters, your personality as well as how you carry yourself will contribute to closing in on that client. 

2.    You convince people

Let’s say, for example, you are a marketing expert, and you talk with some businessmen who you plan to pitch your ideas. However, the meeting does not go quite well as you had anticipated. However, you happen to have rented a Rolls Royce from us and as the businessmen walk out and find you getting into the car, how do you think they’d react? 

You are most likely to get a few people complimenting the car and end up giving you their business cards. The art of perception goes a long way in making people convinced about what you have to offer. 

Just as Neil Patel explains how he made money through posting a photo on Facebook while sitting in a Ferrari, lifestyle marketing is possible. 

3.    Exotic cars are an attraction magnet

As we have seen, a luxurious car will get people interested in you. So someone may come up and say, “Nice ride, how much did you get it for?” And you respond saying “I got it for 80k”. This sparks some interest that keeps the conversation going. However, how you respond is what determines if you have a potential lead or not.

While in the conversation, get to bring in your expertise and exchange business cards. This way, you are most likely to close that deal which could bring in a huge income stream. 

Renting or buying a luxurious car?

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If you are a business traveler who occasionally rents out luxurious cars, it’s crucial to have tips on how to choose one. 

1.    Research on your options

You want a company that minds your schedule and has excellent customer service. As a traveler, it’s important to research the available options for car rental services available. At Imagine Lifestyles, we strive to make our clients happy. You can choose from our extensive collection of exotic cars. 

2.     Go for something that matches your brand

If you are on a business trip, it’s essential to get a car that matches the purpose of your business travel. Go for luxury cars that match your company’s brand.

In the case that you are in an attempt to convince high-end clients to partner, invest or purchase from you, a luxury car will serve the purpose. This is lifestyle marketing. A Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, and Audi are some of the cars you’d want to rent. 

3.    Book early in advance

Sometimes, you may be a particular person when it comes to cars. Therefore, renting early in advance before your business trip helps you find your car model. Rather than booking on arrival which could see you missing out on your preferred car type. 

4.    What’s your budget?

As much as we are talking about luxurious cars, different car models come with different price tags. How much are you willing to spend on renting out an exotic car? 

Have a set budget and work within it and see what models fall under the category. Most importantly, you have to check with the rental company to find out the costs involved to avoid any hidden charges. 

5.    Get the right partner

Get the right luxurious car rental company that will work with you to successfully deliver excellent services. Imagine Lifestyles is with you all the way if you want convenience and flexibility. What you book is what you get. So, you can be assured of excellent service delivery from us.

Luxurious cars are a statement to potential clients. Sometimes dreaming big and acting big is what will bring you that million dollar sale.  Consider this type of marketing and see if it works for your business. You may just be surprised at how much of a goldmine it is.