Why Women & Exotic Sports Cars Mix

A fact: Women look even better behind the wheel of an exotic sports car, adding an unexpected and rare element to driving events. Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals has noticed a jump in women interested in not only purchasing spots in our track day events for their significant others, but for themselves as well–and we think it is simply awesome! (Hey, the proof is in the pictures).

Woman with Maserati
An Imagine Lifestyles driving event photo. Women love Maserati.

Luxury Driving Experience

All the single ladies–Beyoncé even knows a thing or two about how to steal a man’s heart…she bought hubby Jay Z the ultimate luxury car–the Bugatti Veyron! Do not exactly have $2 million dollars? No problem, snag your man the track day of his dreams from Imagine Lifestyles for under $200 like the savvy lady pictured above!

So ladies, this is also your chance to switch gears and do something different and daring! We host special driving experiences for as low as $139 USD where people have the rare opportunity to drive a supercar on a real racetrack…can you think of a better first date? Didn’t think so!

Too nervous to take the wheel? No worries–you have the option to ride-along with a professional driver to experience the thrill first-hand! This allows you to learn all the details about the car and absorb the sheer power for a few laps around the track from the passenger seat.

Women driving luxury cars

Girls just wanna have fun!

Driving a hypercar like a Ferrari or Lamborghini on a track for such a low price is unheard of, allowing us to introduce the true exotic car experience for people of all incomes, and sexes! So girls, grab your girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands and handbag and head out to our next track event to meet and mingle with outstanding people and some of the world’s best cars!

Driving in high heels

While heels are fabulous, they present a challenge while driving a supercar (or any car…). It is a good call to leave the heels at home on a track day, ladies!

Exotic driving events in New Jersey & Chicago

Women love the thrill of driving a Ferrari or other supercar on a real track, and the men love their company! It is a win-win, as you can see from the smiling faces in the photo above (taken at a recent Imagine Lifestyles track event)



Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals