WTF: Man Power-washes INSIDE of Mercedes 350 CDI

The perhaps mentally challenged Macedonian owner of this gorgeous 2011 Mercedes-Benz 350 CDI should have opted to have the car professionally detailed…Oh, that is right… he did! After the detailers refused to acquiesce the odd man’s request to power wash the interior, the owner took control of the attachment and spewed forth his ignorance in the form of water…all over the leather interior. Scroll down for the unfathomable video footage!

Mercedes CLS 350

Mercedes CLS 350

So…did a murder take place inside the Mercedes and the man was desperate to cover his tracks? The murder of the interior is a crime against luxury cars and exotic rental cars everywhere! There is just no explanation that works for this scenario. The man even enthusiastically sprays the steering wheel and dash area with the high-powered water, leaving me to wonder if perhaps he thought he ordered a Mercedes luxury submarine or had watched too many episodes of Punk’d or Jackass.

What are your thoughts? Was this some sort of publicity stunt, or perhaps a chemically-induced bout of temporary auto insanity? Comment below and don’t miss our fleet of luxury rental cars and more bizarre exotic car tales on your way out!




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