You Wish this was Your House but Dream On…

What Ocean Drive Says about Casa Tua

Casa Tua is a little romantic Italian restaurant, hotel and lounge hidden @ 1700 James Ave in South Beach. We love the members only lounge upstairs because it keeps the riff raff out and the scenesters in. The name Casa Tua translates into "your house" but don’t be fooled because this isn’t your house and you most likely won’t get in. You have to be a member paying annual dues or have seriously deep pockets to buy this kind of privacy. The tranquil serenity that Casa Tua offers is priceless in the vibrant, party scene city of Miami Beach.

At Casa Tua famous people intertwine with high society over burratas that are to die for. Last time Vince Vaughn flew into Miami he joined his Wedding Crashing pal Owen Wilson. The two chilled together at Casa Tua until around 5:30 in the a.m. If Vaughn and Wilson dig it, enough said.

If you want seclusion on Miami Beach then do like the A-listers do and hideaway at Casa Tua. Impress a girl when you whisk her away to Casa Tua for a romantic Italian soire in the garden. Join the club if you can afford it or stand aside because it is for elite people only and high society Miamian memebers do call this place home.