10 Best Luxury Gift Ideas for Modern Men

We’ve all been there; you want to gift a special man in your life something he’ll appreciate, but you don’t know what gift to pick. If he has a refined taste, then giving him a cheap gift will not do, whether he is your father, brother, or husband. You want to get him a present that will make him happy.

Let’s look at the ten best luxury gifts you can get a modern man.


1.   Watches

You can never go wrong with getting a man a watch provided it’s a good quality piece. German watches are famous for having brilliant designs, amazing craftsmanship, not to mention their technical ability. It doesn’t matter if a guy has a collection of watches, he’ll be happy to add a quality one to that collection.


2. Luxury Car Renal

A well traveled individual knows that there is more to life than what they own. Giving the gift of an experience can often be even more thrilling than the permanent ownership of a single item. Imagine Lifestyles can help you arrange a luxury or exotic car rental or chauffeur service that will be sure to blow away the other gifts on the table. From Lamborghini to Rolls-Royce we have the car of his dreams, no mattr what he dreams about.


3. Grooming Kit

A modern man likes to look good, that’s why he takes grooming seriously. Getting him a luxurious grooming kit helps him to maintain the look he desires. Be sure to get a good set that has all the products and tools he needs, such as brushes, scissors, and beard trimming essentials. Using the grooming kit will give him that experience of being in a luxurious barbershop, which he will love.


4. A bottle of high-quality liquor

High-end liquor is costly, and getting him one will send a message that you think highly of him. He’ll enjoy drinking the liquor while relaxing.


5.Smoking Cloche

Happy hour will become happier times with a cloche. You can get a man a sophisticated smoking cloche that can take his cocktail experience to the next level. A cloche gives cocktails and food a tasty, smoky flavor.


6. Training backpack

If the guy you have in mind likes to work out, then he’ll appreciate a top-quality training backpack. It is advisable to buy one that is both light and strong and with side pockets for keeping water bottles. He’ll be happy to carry it to the gym.


7. Perfume

The majority of men enjoy a good scent both on them and other people. However, you should try to find out the kind of scents he likes before you get him one. Some scents are not pleasant and may irritate him or turn him off. Vanilla is always a good option, as studies indicate that men love it. Chocolate, on the other hand, doesn’t excite men. Remember, we are going for luxury for designer perfumes would be ideal.


8.  Sleek modern Bluetooth radio

A sleek modern Bluetooth radio will allow him to listen to his favorite stations or play his chosen playlist whenever he feels like. This might be what he needs to lift his mood and whenever he’s having that relaxed time listening to it, he’ll be grateful you gave it to him.


9.  A deep tissue massager

The modern guy takes care of a lot of things, and he may have aches and pains at the end. There’s nothing as relaxing and luxurious as getting rid of those aches through a deep tissue massage. You can get him a handheld massager that he can use it on his own. If you are shopping for your husband, you can choose one that you can use on him.


10.  Leather charger roll up

Most men don’t like to carry a lot of things around. However, there are some necessities like earphones, and phone charger that a man would like to have with him. A leather charger roll-up provides room for him to have all these in one place. Since we are talking luxury, you can go a notch higher and get it personalized with his name, initials, or something he identifies with.


 (Bonus Idea)  High-end Foosball table

A typical man likes to retreat into his cave once in a while. What better way to make that experience perfect than setting him up with a high-end foosball table that he can enjoy with his buddies? He can have it in the entertainment room or anywhere he has his man cave. It is a great centerpiece and will add that wow effect to a room.


Final thoughts

We usually hear people say that men are simple creatures, and shopping for them isn’t difficult. This often changes when you try to think of a specific gift to get him, mainly if you are dealing with a modern guy. The luxury gift ideas discussed here will bring a smile to his face.