10 Fun Exotic Car Rental Facts

Ten reasons why exotic car rentals are the route to go:

Exotic car rental facts

10. The maintenance costs and time consuming issues are not your problem.

9. You do not have to commit! Why drop a quarter million and upwards to own a supercar, when you can rent a variety of exotics anytime. Change is good.

8. Fuel consumption is not a concern. Hey, you are not driving that Ferrari rental to the office everyday, no need to worry about optimum EPA ratings!

Exotic car rental facts

7. Be warned: You will not want your regular vehicle back. Ever. It is true, so plan ahead and rent an exotic sports car for all of the important annual events to avoid depression.

6. Power. This seems obvious, but a supercar offers more than mere horsepower—it provides playing power. Take one to an upcoming business event and note the distinct differences.

5. Rev things up. You are free to rent that dry old Camry for your annual vacation…or you can drive a Maserati. With our competitive pricing, the question is not whether you can afford it, but why you didn’t think of it sooner.

Exotic car rental facts

4. They drive different. Driving a supercar requires learning a new skillset, it is exciting to harness and control so much power.

3. Say ‘I Do!’ An exotic car rental like a Bentley or Rolls Royce offers an air of elegance to a wedding or anniversary. Sweep her off her feet in style.

2. Say goodbye to boredom. A serious sports car is fun even in thick traffic. Hey–you are getting envious looks while playing with one of the world’s best toys. The answer to the question is YES…they do want to be you.

1. No one will know it is not yours. Think about it.

Exotic car rental facts

Not long ago, a procession of Lamborghini Aventadors hit up Miami. You can bet some of them were enjoying a day with a Lamborghini rental!

Experience the thrill anytime, start by viewing our extensive fleet of luxury rental cars from all the best brands. A fast free quote is just a click away!

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