Half day rentals available for the start of 2018

Half Day Rentals available at Imagine Lifestyles

Available for a limited time only, Imagine Lifestyles is offering half day rentals of our luxury and exotic cars for the months of January and February 2018. This is an amazing opportunity for you to try the car of your dreams, and save big at the same time!

With half day rentals of an exotic sports you can sample the feeling of performance for a few hours without having to break the bank. With stunning vehicles from Lamborghini exotic car rental, Ferrari, Bentley Rental Car, Rolls-Royce luxury car rental , Mercedes Rental and more, Imagine Lifestyles half day rentals are a great way to experience the best that the automotive world has to offer. Available only during the months of January and February 2018, you may pick up your rental vehicle from our Pennsauken New Jersey facility, and return it the same day.  Call us now at 866-436-3514 for pricing and availability. We still require license, insurance, and security deposit for all rentals, and all drivers must be 21 years or older. read more

Tesla Roadster vs Lamborghini Urus vs McLaren 570GT

At Imagine Lifestyles we are always trying to bring you the best most exciting new vehicles. While this may sound like the easiest job in the world, we occasionally need some help. Right now we are looking at three new models and we want to know which one you want the most!

Take a look at each of the options below and let us know your favorite choice. We may end up choosing the vehicle you desire most, and 1 lucky fan will win a day with their new dream machine! Head over to our Facebook page now and comment which of these you would want the most. read more

10 Fun Exotic Car Rental Facts

Exotic car rental facts

Ten reasons why exotic car rentals are the route to go:

10. The maintenance costs and time consuming issues are not your problem.

9. You do not have to commit! Why drop a quarter million and upwards to own a supercar, when you can rent a variety of exotics anytime. Change is good.

8. Fuel consumption is not a concern. Hey, you are not driving that Ferrari rental to the office everyday, no need to worry about optimum EPA ratings!

7. Be warned: You will not want your regular vehicle back. Ever. It is true, so plan ahead and rent an exotic sports car for all of the important annual events to avoid depression. read more