Marussia F1 May Get Ferrari Engines for 2014

Marussia F1 is a Formula One racing team based in Banbury for the United Kingdom. The team is likely to get some shiny new Ferrari engines for the 2014 year as new regulations come into effect. Previous supplier Cosworth is pulling out of engines, saying that it cannot find any commercial justification for building an engine for the 2014 year. That leaves just 3 engine suppliers: Ferrari, Renault and Mercedes-Benz.

Marussia F1

Marussia F1 is in their fourth season in Formula 1, having finished 12th, 12th and 11th overall in the championship standings and are due to score a point.

Marussia F1 will need to choose between Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz, as Renault is already jam packed for the season. Rumors are circulating that the team may opt for the Ferrari turbo engines for next season, which is likely pleasing to the Prancing Horse.

Marussia F1

The current engines used by Marussia are 2.4-liter V8s. Due to new regulations and changes, the next engine will be a 1.6-liter V6. Ferrari and Marussia have an existing relationship, as they run F1 rookie Jules Bianchi academy driver alongside Max Chilton.

Marussia F1

Marussia F1 technical director Pat Symonds stated that the team is likely to use Ferrari turbo engines. He relayed that: “There will be only 3 suppliers next year—Renault, Mercedes and Ferrari—and while we have spoken to all of them, I think we are rapidly heading in the direction of Ferrari. We need to head in a direction rapidly because we really need to sign a supply agreement with someone quite soon—and Ferrari, at the moment are top of that list.”

Marussia F1

Marussia has added Kers recently and with the help of a Ferrari turbo engine, could fare far better in the racing circuit next season

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