A $2 Million-Dollar Luxury Car Concept You May Not Know About

While it may never hit production, the DiMora Natalia luxury car concept is certainly noteworthy! This machine boasts a $2 million dollar sticker price, a 16-speed transmission, a biodegradable chassis comprised of lava rock and a top speed of 270 miles per hour (so they say)…so I might just politely inquire– what is the holdup?

DiMora Natalia

DiMora Natalia

The Natalia is a science-fiction-inspired luxury sedan with a paint job that fades from black to white depending on the temperature. This cool car feature is coupled with tint-controlled windows and leather seats engineered to remain cool at all times. Anyone who frequents Miami and South Florida can attest that cool seats would make the perfect exotic rental car option during a South Beach summer!

DiMora Natalia

The Natalia demands attention with an elongated frame

The current most expensive production vehicle (and the fastest) is the Bugatti Veyron at $1.7 (sans all the bells and whistles). If the Natalia ever reaches reality, it would beat the Bugatti out in the price range, and perhaps speed, because the Veyron’s top speed is 267 mph. A Veyron Vs. Natalia race would definitely be worth seeing!

The $2 million dollar price tag is for the base Natalia model; the turbo version would cost $2.8 million. Relax, you do not need that kind of cash to rent the lifestyle, follow link to view our entire fleet of exotic rental cars, listed by brand!

DiMora Natalia

What do you think of her?

DiMora Natalia

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