$20,000 Toys? The Top 5 Custom Golf Carts

Escalade Custom Golf Cart

When you want to play like a high-roller, luxury toys are where it’s at!  A customized luxury golf cart can amplify even the typically classic game of golf.  Imagine sliding from behind the wheel of your Porsche or luxury rental car, and into a fun Porsche golf cart for your next nine holes!  Here are some of the most fun luxury golf carts:


•    Porsche custom golf cart
•    Escalade custom golf cart
•    Ferrari custom golf cart
•    Lamborghini custom golf cart
•    Hummer custom golf cart


Hummer Golf Cart

These custom golf carts are like luxury car rentals of miniature magnitude, sporting the same iconic details as their street-going counterparts.  The intricate detail that goes into a luxury golf cart and the brand name behind it is what makes these trendy toys so expensive, such as specialty club car chassis, brand name grilles, headlights, taillights, custom paint jobs, hard tops, and distinctive brand-specific styling cues.  But remember you gotta pay to play, and some of these carts go for $18,000 and up!

Porsche Golf Cart

Interior amenities of a custom golf cart often include plush leather, decked-out steering wheels, expensive audio systems and modern electronics.  It is fun to build and fully customize your own luxury golf cart, and the add-ons to a can be pricey, including some of the following options:

•    Rear golf bag holders-approximately $400
•    Custom golf cart covers-$400 and up
•    Specialty rims-$1,300 and up
•    Hard top options-$1,000 and up


Lamborghini Golf Cart

What are some of the best custom golf carts you have seen?  Share comments and photos below in the comment section!  Also see our fleet of luxury rental cars and more on your way out!

Ferrari Golf Cart 




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