25 Pittsburg Judges Lease Taxpayer-Funded Luxury Cars

A hot topic in luxury news seems to be the financial accountability and perks afforded to judges in Pittsburg.  Well, it is the home of the Steelers!  It seems exotic cars, luxury rental cars, luxury hotels and other lavish perks are enjoyed by 25 of the local judges, whereas 13 restrain themselves. 

2010 Cadillac Luxury Car

Chief Justice Ronald Castille is taking some heat for driving a spiffy 2010 Cadillac, one funded by the state.  This seems acceptable, its not like he is rolling out in a Lamborghini Gallardo rental Miami style twice a week.  Castille also attends dinners, pricey golf outings and a regular social meeting at a luxury hotel, without picking up the tab.  Isn’t this typical?  I am surprised at the public reaction to something that has been going on since the introduction of a monetary and government system.

High profile challenging careers deserve a few perks, in my opinion.  Celebrities and professional athletes are excessive, and no one says a word, yet a government official decides to display a sophisticated image, and all hell breaks loose.  I do not think a chief justice of the Supreme Court should tool around in a Ford Tempo. 

Political Humor

The lines blur in regards to ethics for many, as the rules are different in Pittsburg.  In Pittsburg, officials are permitted to accept gifts as long as they are disclosed to the public.  So all of the luxury golf games, dinners and more accepted by the judges is actually legal.

So the meetings for the Pennsylvania Society, a state booster club, hosted at the lavish New York City Waldorf Astoria are acceptable, even though some of the sky-high bills are picked up by various law firms.  What is your take on the situation?  Comment below.


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