400 People Volunteer for One-Way Trip to Mars

Colonizing Mars

This is right up there with scientology and the new Ferrari FF hatchback on the weird scale.  It seems that some space fans have volunteered for a likely one-way trip to Mars…without ever being asked.  Within a month of reading “The Human Mission to Mars:  Colonizing the Red Planet”, approximately 400 people have written the editors to volunteer for such a trip.  I guess a space shuttle could be more exotic than even a Lamborghini rental Miami style, but the fear factor is pretty intimidating.


Exploring Mars

In the Journal of Cosmology, a free peer-reviewed online publication with 50,000 readers (no idea how), there is a collection of papers detailing how to colonize the red planet (Mars).  The plans go into great detail, outlining energy requirements, lander and settlement designs, psychological stress, robots, and even the risks associated with babies potentially conceived during the 9-month trip to Mars.  And I quote:  “Humans are notorious for inventing ways of having sex despite all manner of logistical impediments."  (so much amusement).


The editorial board of the Journal of Cosmology includes prominent names from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, NASA, University of Oxford and others, not a terrible lineup. 

Mars Exploration

A take-away message from the compilation of spacey studies seems to flirt with the idea of a privately funded, one-way mission to colonize Mars, and indicates it could be possible within 20 years.  Wow, can we say ‘escapism’?  What are these people thinking?  What kind of people would be interested in this type of endeavor?  Leave comments below. 

Space travel

Space travel…yes we can…


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