WTF: VW Diesel-Electric Gets 261 MPG

VW XL1 Concept Car

Could it be?  Could the mad scientists at Volkswagen have created the ultimate plug-in diesel hybrid that can squash the competition at 261 miles per gallon?  VW has bitten the bullet, and spit out a bullet-shaped concept car that could be the most fuel-efficient luxury hybrid ever.  I foresee a greener future free of fuel dependence…and inflated electric costs.

The XL1 concept car was the answer to the question “Just how much could the energy consumption of cars be reduced if all the stops were pulled out for efficiency?”  I think that inquiry was answered 261 times. 


That very question was posted to VW engineers nearly a decade ago by Dr. Ferdinand Piech, and the challenge to create a car capable of going 100 kilometers on a single liter of fuel, or approximately 235 mpg.  The gearheads at VW have been busy ever since, responding to the challenge with concept cars that could meet the mpg quota, but failed on the practicality end.  Until the XL1. That shoud save you a little gas money next time you venture out and get a exotic rental car for the day.

VW XL1 Luxury Hybrid

The most practical of the VW 1-liter cars, the XL1 has a unique drivetrain, as you may suspect.  The VW XL1 features a diesel-electric combo 2-cylinder TDI engine with a displacement of just 0.8 liters.  This is basically the VW 1.6-liter engine sliced in half, bolted to a seven-speed DSG gearbox. 

VW XL1 Hybrid Concept

The 48 horsepower engine and 27 horsepower electric motor draw power from a lithium-ion battery, and while it is no threat to hypercars like Ferrari or Lamborghini in the power department, it can reach 100 miles per hour, where that speed is capped.  Shockingly, the XL1 can nail the 0-60 marker in just 11 seconds.

XL1 VW Hybrid

The XL1 is certainly a green concept, capable of going around 21 miles on electricity alone.  Fuel economy is around 0.9 liters per 100 kilometers, or approximately 261 miles per gallon.  Suck on that, evil fuel pump trolls.



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