5 Most Amazing Historic Places to Visit in Canada

Planning a trip to Canada and have a passion for history? Good, because we’ve got 5 amazing and historical sites we’re sure you will love. Planning a trip may seem overwhelming and there are tons of tourist websites that include the most popular places to visit in Canada. We’re sure to provide a list of places you history buffs will love.


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1. The Monkey’s Paw, Toronto

This is a rare bookstore we’re sure you won’t find anything like it anywhere else. The shelves are lined with old vintage books that are seemingly forgotten about. A huge variety of different books. This store is proudly owned by Stephen Fowler and has been opened since 2006. The store also is home of the world’s first “biblio-mat” which is a vending machine that dispenses you a random book after you insert a coin. You can purchase the coins at the check out for 3 cents.

2. Maple Leaf Garden, Toronto

How can you possibly visit Canada and not visit the Maple Leaf Garden? Especially if you are as big of a hockey fan as most Canadians are! The Maple Leaf Garden used to be the main stadium for the Maple Leafs. It definitely holds great memories for those hard-core sports fans. It was where the “boys in blue” won the Stanley Cup back in 1967. The gardens also hosted popular bands such as The Rolling Stones, the Beatles, and Frank Sinatra. The location has recently become more of a supermarket and sports facility but still holds onto its famous past.

3. Notre-Dame Basilica, Montreal

This beautiful basilica was finished being built in around 1892 and it still stands to this very day. The impressive architecture makes it one of the most famous and appreciated masterpieces within the Gothic Revival architecture era. Masses are still being held there but if you prefer to just visit the location, you can do that too. There is also a light and sound show called “Aura” that is offered at night.


4. The Black Bull, Toronto

Maybe you have a slightly different idea of historical? The Black Bull is one of the oldest bars in the Toronto area. It opened in 1833, having hosted numerous people since. It is still standing after a few fires or disasters that had taken the area. If you are looking for a place to grab a bite to eat on your historical touring day, this is the place for you. Great food, beautiful view, and great company.


5. Old Montreal, Montreal

Although not one specific site, Old Montreal is a neighborhood filled with history and things to do. The architecture in it of itself is stunning and there are museums, restaurants, markets, and more that all embody the essence of the history of the area. On top of this, the port and the occasional festivals make it a hop spot when tourists are looking for a place to full immerse in the culture.


We hope our list of 5 historical places has sparked some interest and that you visit these amazing places. Whether it’s a museum or a town filled with historical sites, there are lots of great places to visit and see during your time in Canada.