Extreme luxury sports you need to try out

A man on a perilous journey toward a mountaintop.

With long work-hours and loads of everyday chores, life can become dull and monotonous. If you’re looking for something to help you get out of a rut, and you have some money to spare, consider trying some of the best extreme luxury sports. If you can afford them, you will be able to become a member of an exclusive group of people who have taken part in these outstanding, dangerous, and extremely fun sports. Without further ado, here’s what we recommend. 


If you like movies, especially action ones, then you have surely enjoyed those super-exciting scenes with people jumping out of various planes, while flying many feet above the ground. In reality, you can do the same. Wingsuiting is one of the extreme luxury sports that those who can’t afford it dream of attempting one day. It is well-known that expensive jets provide an invigorating high; imagine jumping out of one as well, while feeling like Keanu Reeves in “Point Break”! The adrenaline rush is truly exhilarating. 

Of course, this sport is expensive, so much in fact that it is one of the most expensive sports in existence, extreme or not. The wingsuit itself is costly; you will need around $1,500 – $2,000 for a new suit. While you can also find functional used suits, it is always better to get a new one. Then, you will also need a parachute, which is even more expensive: around $2,500. You will also need a spare parachute and you may decide to buy additional skydiving gear as well. Consider also the cost of lessons and insurance, and the cost of renting an aircraft if you do not own one. Yes, wingsuiting is expensive, but it is also one of the extreme luxury sports you simply have to try! 

A man falling with his parachute open.
Don’t forget to open your parachute!


Now, there are extreme sports, and there are ultimately dangerous extreme sports that you should only try if you are looking for the ultimate high. Obviously, heli-skiing belongs to the latter category. In fact, it is banned in many countries in Europe! The best place to try this sport is in Alaska; the Chugach Mountains, to be precise. You will need to rent a helicopter that will take you to one of the peaks, that are otherwise inaccessible. Of course, do not try this if you don’t have plenty of experience with snowboarding and skiing.  

Being set on such a remote location, it is best to sign-on for a package including equipment rental, transportation, food and accommodation. This will cost you between $8,000 and $15,000, depending on the number of days you will be staying and the season. It’s expensive, but it is well worth the price!  

A heli-skiing helicopter.
You will need a helicopter for one of the most dangerous among extreme luxury sports.


This is an incredible water-based sport, which will make you feel more alive than you’ve felt in ages. An underwater device called the Subwing is attached to a boat with an extremely sturdy rope. While holding on to this device while underwater, you can control it and move in every direction, including downward and upward if you want to get up to the surface. The boat will not be moving too fast (not faster than 5mph), but water is generally so dense that you get the feeling that you are moving much, much faster. In other words, Subwing simulates the feeling of being an enormous fish speeding through the underwater kingdom. 

The cheapest version of Subwing will cost you about $200, which isn’t that expensive, but additional accessories transport this sport into the luxury category. These accessories make the experience more enjoyable. For example, there’s a lightning system that means a great deal in darker areas, as well as a mountable GoPro camera that will record this sublime experience. 

You will also need to rent a boat. If you will be using your own boat, you will need to store it soon, as the summer is, unfortunately, ending. Therefore, you will need to be careful, because if you put your boat away when the summer ends without the necessary means of precaution, you will be needlessly endangering your favorite vehicle. Better safe than sorry! 


This is another dangerous extreme sport that you should only try if you are sufficiently skilled (and brave enough!). If you feel like you can handle it, you will be rewarded with the amazing and mystical underwater expanse that is waiting to be explored. The ancient natural wonders, including extremely old stalactites, are best explored in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, as well as in the Ginny Springs State Park in Florida. These two locations offer the largest (and most exciting) network of caves, where you can easily get lost if you’re not careful enough. 

A man diving in a cave.
Cave-diving is exciting and mysterious!

As for the cost, you need to pay for the training, which is between $1,500 and $2,000. The price of the equipment, if you do not already have any, should set you back between $7,500 and $10,000. Two regulator sets, a can light and a pair of backup lights, cylinders, dry suit… all of that costs money, but if you can afford it, cave diving is an adventure you won’t forget for the rest of your life! 


This extreme sport is just like your regular climbing, only with one additional rule: you’re not allowed to use any safety equipment, such as safety nets or ropes. If you try bouldering, you will be climbing boulders whose height is between 10 and 25 feet. That’s a long way down, so you better be careful. It’s interesting that, despite the danger, bouldering will be an official discipline at the 2021 Summer Olympics which will be held in Japan, although it will be combined with lead and speed climbing to form one encompassing category called sport climbing. 

As for the price, bouldering is one of the least expensive extreme luxury sports, but it still isn’t cheap and it is hard for most people to afford it. You will need around $500 for the equipment, but there are also additional expenses in the form of plane tickets and accommodation. You will need those because the best places for bouldering are found in France (Fontainebleau) and South Africa (the Rocklands). Enjoying these countries while also participating in one the best extreme sports sure sounds like fun!