650 Horses Power the New Bentley Supersports

Luxury brand Bentley is offering up a more powerful punch! The 650 horsepower Bentley Supersports may not make an appearance until next year’s Geneva Motor Show, but it is already generating gossip in the auto industry.

Bentley Supersports

The Bentley GT3 racing concept

The next-gen Bentley Continental Supersports flagship will fit nicely into the lineup. There are also murmurings of a 675-plus horsepower Continental GT3 emerging in 2015 along with a track-inspired model. The future of Bentley is on the fast track.

Bentley Supersports

For comparison purposes, the current most powerful Bentley is the GT3 concept racer:

  • • 6.0-liter W12 engine
  • • Based on the Continental GT Speed
  • Unique sleek racing style exterior

The new Supersports’ twin-turbo W12 will likely see a 30bhp or so increase over the 616bhp Speed and an improved suspension. With the power increase will likely come a reduction in interior amenities, though it is a Bentley so it will never feel like an empty track car. Weight can be shaved off using carbon fiber and other lightweight components without sacrificing too much of the lavish cabin.

Bentley Supersports

The marquee is aimed at improving both power and overall driver experience, as is expected from an industry leader. We look for improvements in steering, handling, control, power and a sportier vibe with an aggressive exhaust note.

Bentley Supersports

The Bentley GT3 sports racing concept has hit the auto show circuit. It is a departure from the traditional street models with an oversized rear wing. 


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