A $65,000 Hyundai? Sneaky Branding Creeps Into Luxury Car Market

The unthinkable has occurred.  In the luxury vehicle and exotic rental car world, the idea of an upscale Hyundai is more material for a stand-up comedy tour than a reality, and yet, online today I stared-down a $65,000 Hyundai in stunned, silent, suspended disbelief.  While it did not stare back, I did take note of its nonverbal cues, including an impressive grille.

2011 Hyundai Equus

Not easily impressed, I needed more information.  It seems that the sneaky Hyundai brand has been working toward a luxury fleet for some time, first introducing a few low-key models like the Genesis (which looks like a Civic) in efforts to compete with the BMW 7-Series, Mercedes S-Class and Lexus LS.  This attempt was a ‘Fail’, if you ask me, but the Genesis did win North American Car of the Year somehow, boring aesthetics and all. 


Hyundai Equus Luxury Sedan

Hyundai Equus Interior

Now Hyundai is trying to work its way up to compete with the big boys in the luxury auto and exotic car rental industry, with the Hyundai Equus.   The Equus is a formally styled sedan similar to the Lexus LS, Infiniti M and Lincoln MKS, with the same wheelbase and powertrain as the lackluster Genesis.  The difference is that the Equus has been loaded with luxury styling cues and amenities, and Hyundai knows that luxury car consumers will shell out $94,525 for a Mercedes S550, so they have set the price for the 2011 Equus at $65,000 for the ‘Ultimate’ version, which is fully-loaded with every upgrade available.  Sneaky.

Hyundai Equus Rear View

There are two versions of the Hyundai Equus, the ‘Ultimate’ and the ‘Signature’.  The ultimate features a rear entertainment system with an 8-inch monitor, heated and cooled front and rear seating, a rear refrigerator, massaging seats and a “forward-view” corning camera.  I have a feeling if this model sells well, we will see Hyundai begin to attempt to unload their lot for higher prices…would you ever pay $65,000 for a Hyundai, let alone six-figures and up? 


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