A Bentley Bash? Paris Hilton No Longer the Only Celeb with a Pepto-Pink Bentley!

Uh-oh! From the looks of this, there is about to be a celebrity throw down…I dub it the ‘Bentley Bash’. Paris Hilton has long been both praised and laughed at over her Pepto-Bismol pink custom Bentley…but she was the only one who had one. Cue Nicki Minaj arriving to the Grammy nomination concert in L.A. behind the wheel of her spanking new pink Bentley! Somewhere in the background, cue cats hissing.

Nicky Minaj pink Bentley

Nicky looking pleased with her new set of wheels. The power of pink…it consumes some while nauseating others! 

Paris Hilton Bentley

Uhm…what is that bitch driving?

Next time I create a list of cars celebrities drive, I shall place Minaj and Hilton right next to one another…just like the tabloids do when stars wear the same gown. You know, for fun.

I cannot wait to hear about Paris’s reaction to this copycat crime, and assume she needed some Pepto to soothe her tummy upon hearing the news! But most of all, I am insanely curious to find out if her luxury car dealer tipped her off about Minaj’s new set of wheels…it seems that they would to keep her loyalty!

Nicky Minaj

I wonder why Minaj did not go for a hot pink hue, knowing that Paris pretty much had the patent on bismol…

While Paris Hilton is likely seeing red, Minaj has named hers the “Barbie Bentley”, and it may actually suit the singer a bit better…sorry, Paris!

Paris bentley

Barbie better not get any Taco Bell dogs…

Nicky Minaj


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