385 Ferraris Crowd Track

Back in 2007, Ferrari earned a unique Guinness World Record for accomplishing quite the feat: the largest parade of Ferrari exotic cars ever. That was not all, however! The record requited all 385 cars to drive a distance of at least two miles with each Ferrari maintaining a distance of no further than two car lengths apart. That sounds like an awesome day if you ask me!

You can’t duplicate this on your own, but you can rent a Ferrari in Miami and enjoy some track time!

Ferrari Guinness Record

I can’t even count the number of Ferrari cars in this shot!

In order for the record to be legit, a representative from Guinness was on hand to verify the logistics. Ferrari estimated that over $94 million dollars in supercar artillery was on the track that day—including an ultra-rare FXX! I wish Cher would ‘Turn Back Time’ so I could attend this luxury event! Don’t judge me, you know you liked that song.

There were Ferrari 250 GTOs, F40s, F50s, a 250 California Spyder and, of course, some Enzos there to rev things up. Have you seen our 2010 Ferrari California rental in Miami? Follow link for full details, she is a stunner straight out of the Prancing Horse stable.

Ferrari 2007 record

Quite the view

Ferrari records

Incredible dedication

In the end, the question lingering in my mind was a simple “why?” Surprisingly, the reason was quite simple! Ferrari wanted to honor the 60th anniversary of its awesomeness along with the 40th anniversary of the Ferrari Owners Club of Great Britain. Coincidentally, that Ferrari Owners Club supplied the bulk of the talent for the endeavor!
Did you know that the new Ferrari VIP Collector Car Club requires that you own a minimum of 5 Ferraris to join? That means it would take 77 members of the VIP club to even match the Guinness record, and only 300 people worldwide qualify for the elite club!

Ferrari World Records
The best time ever?


Better than seeing double!




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