A One of a Kind Ferrari is Calling Your Name


Today luxury is synonymous with exclusivity. When you have an abundance of wealth you can have anything you want, and being the only one with a priceless piece of art, your own clothing line or a custom-designed Estate is absolutely posh. It’s all about outdoing the best with something better and then adding your personal mark, making it all about you.

You’re in luck because now you can take individuality to a new level by completely customizing your own Ferrari with the Ferrari Atelier program and we think that is ultra sexy. The Atelier program allows you to revamp a new Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, just the way you have always dreamed. First you take a trip to Maranello, Italy where Ferrari has been handcrafting exotic cars since 1947. Next you sit down with a specialist who asks you about your specific wants and needs. You look at a few leather swatches, choose your matching handmade luggage, and customization continues until your hearts content. After everything is said and done, you drive away in your one-of-a-kind Ferrari roadster. It will be all yours and just so everyone knows it, put your name on the back model plate and voila!