Andy Warhol Rolls-Royce Available Online

They say Andy Warhol was not really much of a car guy, but his works and previously owned vehicles speak for themselves. Now buyers have the opportunity to shop online and pick up just about anything…including an Andy Warhol Rolls-Royce…on eBay Motors.

Andy Warhol Rolls-RoyceThe Rolls-Royce is an unexpectedly muted color for such a flamboyant artist.

While it remains unclear if the famed pop artist was more enthralled with automobiles, Campbell’s soup cans or Marilyn Monroe, his body of work continues to demand top dollar. And just like any vehicle for sale, the value rises substantially when it had a famous owner. Does Andy Warhol not make a rather colorful previous owner?

Art carAndy Warhol’s BMW Art Car, the 1979 M1

Warhol reveled in his use of bright colors in his art, and the trend also drenched the vehicles he touched…save this specimen. It is said that Warhol did not have a driver’s license, but preferred to be chauffeured in luxury cars. I suppose that makes complete sense when one is far from a ‘starving artist’ and paling around with the likes of royalty and superstars? Andy Warhol Rolls-Royce

If the past is any indicator, this Rolls-Royce should fetch a handsome sum 

About the Warhol Rolls-Royce

  • She has a rather drab new coat of…shall we say…Walnut. As in wood…as in I’m bored. It is a dreadful two-tone job with brown and black. It seems to be quite a contrast to the tastes of Warhol himself, though; perhaps he preferred a low-profile when on the streets.
  • The fine leather interior does little to compensate for the off-putting exterior.
  • Warhol owned the Rolls-Royce until his death in 1987. It was then auctioned for $77k to its second owner, who sold it to its current owner a few years later.
  • It packs the thirsty 6.75-liter V8 mated to a 3-speed automatic gearbox.
  • Even though she is a Silver Shadow with over 40 years on her, there are only 56,000 on her odometer. It seems Warhol preferred to stay local, and her next owners cherished her.
  • The seller is including copies of the original purchase order from Rolls-Royce and the title to Warhol Enterprises along with all available service records for the car.

Fun fact: The highest price ever paid for an Andy Warhol painting was $105 million for the piece titled “Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster)”.


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