Another Ferrari Bursts Into Flames!

On the heels of the highly publicized Ferrari 458 Italia fires (follow link for full story on the 458 fires and see video at bottom of post of a 458 on fire!), a new Ferrari FF hatchback has burst into flames in China, making Ferrari the hottest brand around, yet again! The Ferrari FF caught fire on a motorway in Shanghai, with smoke billowing from the hood and onlookers left amazed at the aftermath. Thankfully, no one was hurt in this incident, though the cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Ferrari FF fire

Ferrari FF on fire!

The fire engulfed the Ferrari rapidly, leaving the $850,000 supercar completely destroyed. The cost of owning such a hypercar in China is higher, due to import duties and high taxes, so the owner is likely burning with disappointment!

Ferrari handled the 458 fires with amazing speed, correcting the cause immediately (a faulty adhesive located in the wheel arches that could ignite under certain circumstances). That recall occurred in September of 2010, and though this is the first Ferrari FF to mysteriously ignite, where there is smoke there is fire, and I smell a recall!

Ferrari FF fire

The aftermath burned

Ferrari brand overcame the 458 Italia recalls with professionalism and grace, and sales were even up by 9.5% in 2011. I assume the horse will prance out of this situation with equal ease and courtesy.

Ferrari FF fire

This appears to be a total loss!

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 The 30-second clip above shows one of the Ferrari 458 Italia supercars engulfed in flames




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