Another Ferrari Challenge Down. Racing Exotic Sports Cars is Fun!

Click for more pictures from the Ferrari Challenge 2009Last Friday night Imagine Lifestyles did a company dinner at Prime Italian. Prime Italian is across the street from predecessor Prime 112 and both restaurants are kind of a big deal on Miami Beach. We love Prime Italian but will warn you that it’s a really heavy meal. Probably not the best choice before a big club night out, our massive dinner was literally followed by bed (really healthy). In short, try Prime Italian; you’ll be hooked on an insane amount of mouth-watering carbs. Saturday morning we woke up at 6 a.m. for work. Our work consisted of getting into our 2008 Ferrari F430 and driving over to the Collection to kick-off the Ferrari Challenge. We told you about the Ferrari Challenge awhile back but if you didn’t read the blog, here you go. If you own a Ferrari or two then you can buy your way into the event but you definitely have to own the Ferrari first. The event begins with breakfast at the Collection, which is the ultimate fancy shmancy car dealership, slash exotic car collection in South Florida. Next, a police escort, escorts all the Ferraris to the racetrack in Homestead.  Think Presidential escort except bigger, better, and way bad. The escort consists of a long line of Ferraris legally speeding and passing each other through residential neighborhoods and such.
    Here’s the deal, the Ferrari Challenge differentiates once you get to the Speedway at Homestead depending on the type of ticket you bought. Tickets start at about $150 which is obviously the most minimal, you get to wait on line for a once-around the racetrack. Tickets go upwards to $1500, which will get you three days of racing on the ultimate Ferrari Challenge course, no lines and baller status. Pay more, get hooked up, pretty basic. The Ferrari Challenge is an ultra exclusive affair and there isn’t a lot of information out there about it. Good news is that if you’re a diehard Ferrari fan but don’t own one or own a Ferrari but don’t want to rack up the miles around a racetrack all weekend, just rent one from Imagine Lifestyles.  We have a fabulous Ferrari fleet, all you have to do is plan for a vacation weekend during the 2010 Ferrari Challenge. The wife, girlfriend or significant other can sit by the beach all day, shop and hit the spa. You can drool over and race Ferraris like a mad-man, it’s the best of all worlds. If you give us a heads up we will not only get you behind the wheel of one of our Ferraris but we will get you tickets to the Challenge, set up your stay, even get you into the best restaurants, spas, etc. etc.  We believe in the very best, we know the very best and we can get the best in MIami for you.
        The Ferrari Challenge ends amongst new Ferrari friends, more food, beverage and an escorted ride home. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday in Miami, you know you’re a little jealous.

 For Video on the Ferrari Challenge Visit: Video of Imagine Lifestyles Taking on Ferrari Challenge

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