Another New Ferrari You Can’t Have

At the Paris Auto Show Ferrari unleashed a new beast, dubbed the Ferrari SA Aperta.  This luxury car has been created to honor the 80th anniversary of a long collaboration between Pininfarina and Ferrari.  Pininfarina is basically synonymous with Ferrari at this point, having designed some of the most breathtaking cars for the brand.

The SA Aperta Ferrari will be exclusive, as one would expect with a special edition luxury car.  Only 80 SA Aperta’s will roll out of the Maranello Ferrari plant, and every last one has already been sold following a private event at Pebble Beach Concours.   The rumored selling price was around $540,000 USD. I suppose we at Imagine Lifestyles will not be offering a Ferrari SA Aperta rental any time soon, as they are all taken!  This would be a perfect car to add to a fleet of Miami exotic car rentals and Chicago luxury rental cars.

Ferrari SA Aperta Supercar

The SA Aperta will sport such a wide range of interior trim options that it is pretty much ensured no two of the 80 supercars will be the same!

This model is named for Sergio and Andrea (SA) Pininfarina, and loosely based on the 599 Ferrari.  The SA also stands for Superamerica; a name the company has used a handful of times over the decades.  The Chassis in the SA has been stiffened to allow for the open top.  The word “Aperta” is actually Italian for “open”, so now you can regale your friends with where the new Ferrari got its name (You are welcome). 

This is a Ferrari roadster with only a rudimentary soft-top and sits a bit lower than other prancing horses in the stable.  The SA Aperta Ferrari can not only go topless, but remains just as sexy under the hood, with the V12 engine from the 599 and 620 horsepower, prancing, of course.  I imagine it is similar to the Ferrari 599 in terms of speed, hitting 0-60 in around 3.7 or 3.9 due to the soft top.   The 599 exceeds 205 miles per hour, a feat most exotic and luxury rental cars strive for.


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