Ask Imagine: Why Fly Private?

Ask Imagine:  How does private aircraft charters work?

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

I am planning a trip to Orlando over the holiday season this year and am considering flying private.  Can you please explain to me the general process of booking a private jet charter as well as some of the benefits that justify the higher price tag?  I have never flown private before but two of my partners constantly try to convince me that it is well worth it.    Private Aircraft Charter


Dr. Singh, Evanston, IL


Dr. Singh,

Thank you for your inquiry.  We will do our best to lay out how flying private works and also why it is the best way to travel in our opinion.  Booking a private aircraft charter is an extremely simple process and Imagine Lifestyles will take care of everything for you.  Once you determine the dates of your trip and the number of passengers, we would begin to search for the perfect jet for your group.  There will be a few different types of jets available and we would go over the details during the booking process with you.  Each type of jet has different amenities and usually our clients base what jet they will require based on the number of people in their party.  Once we have established what type of aircraft to obtain for your trip to Orlando we will contact you with the total cost and then it would be up to you on booking the reservation. 

In terms of what benefits flying private will provide you and your family, the benefits are almost endless.  For starters, scratch standing in any lines throughout the entire flight process.  We will arrange for chauffeured transportation to the airport, which will most likely be a smaller airfield with little or no runway congestion.  You will be dropped off literally feet from your private aircraft, and step out onto the red carpet to board the plane.  After a brief check of ID, you will board the plane and immediately be taken care of by your personal crew of flight attendants.  Once the luggage is stored and you are seated and ready for flight, the plane will begin taxiing to the runway.  Within 15 minutes of your arrival, you will be in the air and headed to your destination.  Upon landing in Orlando, transportation can be arranged for an airport pick-up and you can begin your vacation.  No lost luggage, no security checks, no crying babies on your flight.  It really is the best way to fly.  As a bonus Imagine Lifestyles can also provide a exotic rental car to wait for you after you land.   Contact Imagine Lifestyles today to arrange all of your private aircraft charter needs today. 


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