Ferrari 612 GTO Concept is a Scorching Vision in Red

Dear Ferrari…Damn!  The Ferrari 612 GTO concept is so hot that I am at a loss for words.  In the realm of concept supercars, Sasha Selipanov of Berlin, Germany has certainly outdone himself!

Ferrari 612 GTO Concept Front and Side

I imagine that designing a luxury concept car like a Ferrari can be a bit daunting, because is seems that it would be a challenge to improve upon perfection.  I wonder if designers just start drawing, with no brand in mind.  This Ferrari concept is obviously the product of much talent and skill.  This is a perfect car to add to a fleet of Miami luxury rental cars or Chicago exotic car rentals.

The renderings show the designer’s various nods to some of the greatest supercars in history, like the Ferrari 250 GTO’s hood scoops and the new Ferrari 458’s headlamps and hind fender haunches.  There are also hints of the Ferrari 575 Maranello in the 612 GTO concept.  This is a remarkable and inspiring auto concept that is a nice direction for Ferrari. 

The front is characteristically wide, and it rides nice and low to the ground, giving it the appearance of being one with the road.  I would put a special V10 in this edition, and guess that speeds of close to 190 miles per hour would be acceptable.  The oversized air-intake could certainly handle high speeds.

The thing that bothers me is the profile, because the rear is a bit too much like a Corvette.  Other than that minor complaint, it pleases me.

I wonder if the company is going to call Sasha Selipanov and immediately hire him.  It would be interesting to see this Ferrari concept make it to production, and what changes would be made along the way.


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Ferrari 612 GTO Concept Rear View



Ferrari GTO 612 Supercar Concept



Ferrari 612 GTO Concept Supercar




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