Ask Imagine: Can A Luxury Car Rental Be Shipped To Me?

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

My husband and I are getting married and I want to surprise him with an exotic car for the days surrounding our wedding.  We live in Wisconsin so I was wondering if you guys offer shipping services on your Chicago luxury rental cars or any of our luxury rental cars.  Please let me know what options you might have for us.  I want to keep this a surprise, so please e-mail me directly so my husband does not find out. 

Thank You,

Kristy, Madison, WI



Dear Kristy,

We can definitely accommodate your request and I assure you that your husband will never forget this experience.  We can ship any luxury or exotic rental car you choose right to your door and in fact can ship our vehicles anywhere in the country.  Just fill our our luxury rental car application and we take care of the rest.  In terms of options on what type of car we can provide, I would recommend a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or our Bentley GTC Mulliner Edition.  Unless your husband is a former formula 1 driver, he will not be disappointed sitting behind the wheel of any of these incredible exotic cars. 

Each luxury car offers something unique, so it would be up to you to make the final decision.  All of our exotic and luxury rental cars are located on our website so I would encourage you to go take a look and see the different options we offer.  Our Chicago branch is currently running a special on all wedding bookings during the month of Feb 2011 so make sure and get back to us immediately with any questions.

Ferrari California

Thank You,

Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals