Ask Imagine: Chicago Businiess Trip Luxury Rental Car to Impress but not to Flashy

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

Hi, my name is Rick I will be visiting Chicago for 2 days in August.  I am coming in on business and will be meeting with a few of my top accounts face to face.  What car would you recommend I rent to impress the clients but not look like I am trying to show off?  I trust Imagine Lifestyle’s Taste!


Rick, Orlando

Hello Rick,

Thank you so much for the question, we always love helping our clients work through different situations.  We have just the car for you on this trip and I can guarantee you no client will think you are trying to act over-the-top in any way.

The perfect luxury rental car for your needs would be our Mercedes S550 4-Matic.  This is the ultimate luxury sedan for comfortable driving around the city of Chicago.  You will arrive in luxury while maintaining modesty in front of your clients at the same time.  The car is also functional for daytime trips to warehouses or office locations and will also be perfect for dinners down on Rush Street.

Rick, also keep in mind that we offer chauffeur service with this vehicle as well.  This would give you and your clients a chance to spend time in the back seat together talking shop and would take the stress of navigating an unfamiliar city out of your hands.  I know you will have many more important things on your mind anyway and want to be on top of everything with these key accounts.  Contact us today to set up all of the services.  We look forward to making your trip a great success for your business.


Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals