Ask Imagine: Fishing Charter Vs Luxury Fishing Boat Charter

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

I see that you offer a variety of boat charters in Miami and am curious to know the difference between a regular fishing charter and your luxury fishing charter? 

I make it down from Chicago a couple of times per year, and always try to make time for a boat rental.  My next trip I will be bringing my new girlfriend, and I want to make sure it is a special and more personalized trip.  We both enjoy fishing (I am a lucky man), so any information would be helpful.

Imagine Lifestyles Luxury RentalsThanks,
Bruce, Chicago


Hello Bruce,

I will start off by agreeing with you, you are a lucky man to find a woman who enjoys fishing!  As you already know, South Florida is a sought-after spot for some of the world’s best game fishing, drawing thousands annually.

To answer your question, there are definitely a number of huge differences between a regular fishing boat charter and a luxury fishing boat charter.  A luxury fishing charter is private; therefore you do not have 10 or 20 other people onboard to cramp your space and possibly annoy you.  The privacy offers the exclusive attention of your captain, and a more romantic experience for you and your new girlfriend.

Next, regular fishing boat charters often heard people in and out like cows, onto a filthy boat covered with fishing materials that really should be cleaned more frequently.  A luxury fishing charter is kept to high standards, so you can fish without inhaling the bait from the previous group!  This is priceless in my experience.

Where do you plan to stay and what do you plan to drive while you are here?  Follow links for details on our Top 10  Luxury Hotels and Exotic Car Rentals Miami, we are here to serve as your source of luxury living!

Thanks so much for your inquiry Bruce, and we look forward to meeting the two of you and providing an unforgettable trip to Miami!


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