Ask Imagine: Lamborghini Gallardo Rental or Lamborghini Murcielago Rental

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

I will be stopping in Miami for a couple of days on business and would like a luxury car rental.  I usually rent Ferrari or Aston Martin, but this time I would like to rent a Lamborghini.  What are your opinions on which model I should rent?

My company is putting us up at the new W Hotel South Beach, and I want to have the Lamborghini rental to go out in the evenings.
John, Chicago

Hello John,

Thanks for coming to us with your questions and luxury car rental needs.  The Lamborghini rental is one of the most stylish and attention-grabbing cars you can choose, even in South Beach!  Down here you may see a couple of them per day, rather than per year in other cities, but it never gets old!

We have two models and 5 Lambos to choose from.  The models are the Gallardo or the Murcielago.  In the Gallardo department we offer the Gallardo coupe rental, the Gallardo spyder rental or our brand new Gallardo LP 560-4 rental.

We also have 2 Murcielago rentals, the Murcielago coupe rental and the Murcielago roadster rental.  As far as selecting the one that is right for you, of course we suggest our brand new LP 560-4 Lamborghini rental because it is among the newest by the brand, and completely tweaked to offer the best driving experience so far.

I also feel that it has one of the best bodies to come from the luxury carmaker.  The Gallardo LP 560-4 boasts a brilliant white on black color scheme, and the ability to hit the 0-62 mark in a staggering 3.7 seconds.  This luxury rental car looks great on Ocean Avenue, and will attract attention anywhere you decided to drive or dine.

The Murcielago models are also quite stunning.  These models also feature the white on black color scheme, and you can choose if you prefer the coupe style or convertible.  Not interested in white?  Take a peek at our bright yellow Lamborghini Gallardo spyder rental!  This is a popular exotic rental due to the brand and the color, and it is an excellent drive.

Thanks again John and we look forward to meeting you during your stay and providing the right Lamborghini rental for your unique needs!
Imagine Lifestyles

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