Ask Imagine: Luxury Yacht Charter Miami Style this Summer?

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

I see on your website that you offer yacht charters in Miami.  Are there specific seasons that are better to charter a yacht in your area?  I am considering a summer vacation for my family, and feel that the privacy of a yacht is ideal.  We are growing tired of spending what little vacation time we have dealing with the ordeals presented by commercial travel and large groups of people.  Is it too hot to be out on a yacht in the summer?  What do you suggest?


Rick, Connecticut


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Hello Rick,

Thanks for consulting us for your inquiries, we are happy to help!  Miami summers are known for bringing the heat, but that heat is considerably cooled onboard a luxury yacht charter.  The reason for this is that you have the breeze off the Ocean coupled with cooler and deeper waters than you find closer to shore.  The blues and greens of the Atlantic are amazing all year long, but perhaps more enjoyable for swimming and watersports during the summer months.

And then there is the all-out luxurious privacy and excitement of traveling on a yacht charter.  As you pointed out, the hassles of commercial travel do not exactly make for a palatable experience, and it seems to be getting worse annually.  When you choose the exclusivity of chartering your own yacht, your family can truly relax and enjoy every second of your vacation, making the most of your time off!

So while it is a bit warmer in the summer, it is not unbearable onboard a luxury yacht, especially with the cool night breezes for a gorgeous dinner on deck, or a refreshing ride on a jet ski offshore!  The possibilities are endless, and you can tailor your charter to your own unique tastes. 

Just give us a call when you are ready to come down, and we will take care of every detail for your trip, leaving you to just indulge in the experience!  Don’t forget to check out our fleet of luxury rental cars Miami style, in case you want to turn the heat up for your trip!


Thanks again Rick,

Imagine Lifestyles



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