The Most Expensive: $5 Million Dollar Ferrari P4/5

It may have been redesigned by Pininfarina, but the P4/5 Ferrari is still a Ferrari, and therefore boiling red with the heart of a prancing pony.  Did I mention it is a $5 million dollar luxury car?  Oh yes.

The story with this little beauty is that it was designed special for film director and stock exchange mFerrari P4/5agnate James Glickenhaus, who is obviously doing well for himself.  It was an Enzo Ferrari, but Glickenhaus had a taste for the 1960s Ferrari racecar fleet, the P Series.  So $4-$5 million dollars later, he had his custom (and very expensive) baby prancing pony.

The custom cutie was displayed in 2006 at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, where many a jaw dropped a the cost. 

As far as the specifications, this special Ferrari P4/5 boasts the same engine as the Enzo, a 65° Dino F140 V12.  The 6-speed semi-automatic transmission also mimics the Enzo, yet there is a bit more power in the P4/5 thanks to a horsepower.

This is certainly among the most expensive exotic or luxury rental cars in the world, and is equally impressive.  If only we could all design our very own Ferrari…sigh.


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