Ask Imagine: Taxi vs. Chauffeur

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

What is your opinion on using an airport chauffeur for clients coming into town on business versus letting them rent a car or take a taxi?  I am struggling to maintain my costs at every corner and feel that the airport chauffeur’s are an expense that I should be able to avoid.  Please let me know your thoughts.


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Dear Rick,

As always, thank you so much for taking the time to submit your question to us.  We truly do enjoy assisting clients in any way possible.  Your question raises an extremely viable point in these tough economic times and is one that we feel very strongly about.  Our answer to you is very simple.  How much do your clients matter to you?

The concept of cutting costs is nothing new and is something we strive for within our own business model all the time.  However, you have to look at it from the perspective of the client.  Are they going out of their way to come to Houston or Chicago or New York or wherever to meet with you regarding your business relationship.  What does it say about the value of his business to you if they are left standing at the taxi stand in the middle of August heat or January snow? 

One additional way to look at this additional cost is to consider your company’s financial standing without said client in the picture.  Would an additional $150 expense each time he or she comes to town justify the million dollars in revenue they bring to your bottom line.  Cutting costs are always going to be a factor in any business; we just don’t think taxis are the best choice in this scenario.  As frequent travelers ourselves, we know how convenient a chauffeur service can be.  Traveling is frustrating enough; at least you can eliminate some of the stress for your client.  We would also be willing to guarantee your client will take notice of your gesture and be appreciative.  Contact Imagine Lifestyles today to arrange all of your airport chauffeur services for that next top client coming into town.  For those top level clients that you really would like to impress I would recommend an exotic rental car for a day.  Next time you are in Chicago you are welcome to come see our fleet of Chicago exotic car rentals. 


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