Aston Martin and LeTV Pair Up In The Name Of Technology

Aston Martin is pulling out some stops, strategizing with China-based LeTV to incorporate new technology into the fleet. The deal includes Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd. and LeTV, officially known as Leshi Internet Information & Technoogy Corp., wherein Aston Martin will be served a slice of China’s high technology and LeTV will gain exposure for this and its electric automobile ambitions.

Aston Martin and LeTV The Aston Martin One-77 is one of just 77 created. Future siblings will be just as stunning and technologically advanced.

With Aston Martin sales surging in China, it simply makes sense to take advantage of the brainpower located there in terms of new technology. What better way to gain the trust of potential buyers than to offer a tech brand they are familiar with? The move is being structured as a partnership in new car communication, likely using LeTV’s car Android OS named ‘LeUI Auto’. The companies will work together to develop concepts for applications in upcoming Aston Martin vehicles focused on media, ultimate connectivity, navigation and streaming all stemming from connected appliances. The overall product will be smart audio systems, which are sure to become the expected level of performance in the very near future.

Aston Martin and LeTV

Lety, aka Leshi Internet Information & Technology Corporation is a Chinese provider of Internet-enabled televisions.

According to Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer: “There are some things, particularly in the technology space, where China is moving very quickly.” Just last year LeTV announced that it would be entering the electric car development arena. The carmaker already has 15 dealers operating in the China market, with plans to expand further. Will technology give them the edge to steal customers from rivals in the highly competitive Asian markets? It could do just that, look at how Apple revolutionized the mobile phone industry through new technology.

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