Aston Martin Racing Program to Form Beginners into Pros

Aston Martin Racing is now offering a program to transform novice drivers to official racecar driver status. Yes, the good people at Aston Martin will allow complete underlings the opportunity to train with world-class pro drivers, emerging as accomplished drivers themselves with a recognized racing license. The program is launching in the UK, where most drive a luxury car and control comfortable funds. Could the program expand to the U.S.? Aston Martin racing

Racecar driver wannabees can train with Aston Martin professionals in the UK. The brand has kicked up the expected driving school material to include a special racing program geared toward those who just want to go fast. 

There are plenty of auto brands that offer special driving schools for buyers to learn how to properly operate their new toy and to get the most out of it. Aston Martin Racing is catering to those who have a need for speed and a desire to do more than just drive their cars—they will be trained to race. Graduates of the Aston Martin Racing program will receive a National B racing license, enabling them to enter races and championships in both the UK and overseas.

The racing course will take dedication and a few weeks to complete. The comprehensive course features one-on-one track lessons in an Aston Martin GT4 racecar, in-depth knowledge of the sport, racing gear and even insurance. I wonder what the pop quizzes will be like?

Aston Martin racing

Aston Martin racing participants receive a National B racing license. They are then able to compete in racing events in the UK and other places the license is recognized. 

Those interested in the Race Driver Training Program may contact:

James Walters, Senior Sales Manager Tel: +44 (0) 1295 273 355

Aston Martin racing

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