Aston Martin Rapide Gaining Traction and Power for 2013

Aston Martin’s Rapide is already impressive, and rumors announce that it may unleash even more power next year! It is rare for a 5.9-liter V12 to be considered standard, so what is next for the luxury marquee and its flagship car? Watch someone crash a Rapide here…and imagine more horsepower!

2013 Aston Martin

Will adding more horses get sales racing for Aston Martin’s Rapide?

Overall, the current Rapide is actually among the least powerful in its market segment, and a bit lofty in the pricing department. Competing luxury sedans start under $140,000 USD, while Aston’s Rapide takes off around $213,000.

Aston Martin spy shots

The market for luxury sports sedans is competitive, making tweaks and added power a plus

To boost somewhat disappointing sales, there may be a somewhat more powerful V12 beneath the hood of the next Rapide, borrowed from the Vanquish. The current 2012 Rapide kicks out 470, the new could get the 565 from the Vanquish. Although it will have features from both predecessors, the final product will be a variant of both.

Aston Martin spy shots

It will be interesting to compare the next Rapide to the current Rapide S, the sporty edition. Stay tuned for further information on the future model!


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