Aston Martin Rolls with the Punches

Most do not typically associate the Aston Martin brand with luxury SUV, yet that seemed to be in their radar in 2009 when they brought back the Lagonda brand in the form of an SUV concept.  An Aston Martin SUV?  What do you think happened?  The world said ‘no thanks’. 

Yes, by 2010 Aston Martin made the executive decision to stop that one in its tracks.  Personally, I like the concept, it looks like a luxury SUV, yet still boasts the traditional Aston appearance.  It seems the Aston Martin Rapide is destined to be the anomaly of the brand, being the solitary non-sports supercar.  The Aston Lagonda debut was an industry fizzle, to say the least, so best the brand focus on what it does best and that is blow minds with diminutive super sports cars.  But wait, what is that rumor?  Aston is creating a Lagonda version of the Rapide sedan?  Is the Rapide ok with this? 

I guess we will find out in around 4 years, as that is the projected gestation period for this mutant supercar to emerge onto the scene. 

Will it look like mom or dad?  Rumors predict it will be longer, with adequate room for rear passengers and offer a luxury motoring experience similar to a Rolls Royce rental.  This Aston family member would offer something new to clients, offering new technology, usability options, aesthetics and materials.  I for one cannot wait to see it.  Hey Aston, invite us to preview this one please!

Aston Martin Lagonda

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