An Aston Martin Smartphone? Yes, Please!

Aston Martin CPT002 Concept Phone

Mobiado CPT002 Aston Martin luxury concept phone

Here is a newly outed ostentatious device from Mobiado, the new CPT002 Aston Martin concept phone.  While it is not exactly an Aston Martin luxury rental, it can perhaps enhance the overall experience!

The Aston Martin CPT002 concept phone pairs existing technology and software with advances in electronics for a newer approach to the luxury mobile phone.  The CPT002 drew its inspiration from the Aston Martin luxury car, of course, and can even be used to unlock the doors upon approach.  So can an Aston Martin key fob…but I am onboard.

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The Aston Martin inspired concept phone connects directly to the vehicle display from the user’s pocket.  The GPS is then able to provide a mobile level of the social networking experience, hopefully safely.  Through Foursquare, users can set their current location and view the locations of their friends from the road on their Aston Martin display.

Users can update Facebook and Twitter with new pictures, videos and information through pre-set cameras, making it a tech savvy approach to a luxury rental car road trip!

Aston Martin smartphone concept

Not only is the CPT002 Aston Martin phone packing a tech punch that most are begging for, it is aesthetically pleasing, with a transparent, solid sapphire crystal capacitive touchscreen.  The casing in the rendering is platinum for a classic and modern vibe that will compliment the Aston Martin.  The new CPT002 Aston Martin concept phone is set for display at this year’s BaselWorld.

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