Want to Know More About Your Audi? Audi eKurzinfo App

Technology is everywhere. It is increasingly incorporated into our lives in unexpected places, like automobiles. While technology certainly makes our lives more streamlined, it can be frustrating for some to adjust. Audi has introduced an application that can assist with those issues! The Audi eKurzinfo app serves to replace that bulky user’s manual.

Audi eKurzinfo App

Gone are the days of frantically flipping through a car manual searching for an answer. The Audi eKurzinfo will be available for the following models: The A1, A3 and S3 from 2012 forward. This is such a simple idea, I think all vehicles should come with a searchable manual created specifically for the model.

Audi eKurzinfo App

The Audi eKurzinfo app is basically an interactive manual that provides owners with the power to simply point their smartphone or device at a specific section of their car and receive answers to queries. It also provides detailed information about the available dashboard functions of the model if pointed at the interior of the car. The application was developed with input from augmented reality developer Metaio.

Audi eKurzinfo App

The Audi eKurzinfo app is essentially an interactive add-on to the car’s standard manual

The best part of this Audi app may be its ability to take the fear out of engine questions. Not everyone knows engines, and it can be intimidating for some to figure out potential problems under the hood. The app provides easy answers and locations of where things are located in the car and what they do, in terms users can understand. Now mom won’t add cooling fluid to the oil chamber.

Metaio CEO Thomas Alt stated: “We see enormous potential in the field of interactive service applications. In the future it will be possible to automatically retrieve the specific information relevant in a certain situation.”

Around the world I hear the collective gasp of dirty mechanics…

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You can find the app in the Apple App Store.


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