The Vencer Sarthe Just Looks Weird

While I typically welcome underdogs and newcomer supercars onto the scene with relatively few snide remarks and face scrunches, I just cannot get past the looks of the Vencer Sarthe. I have to say it: It looks like a deformed and malnourished Ferrari. That being said–it does get points for the unexpected carbon fiber accents, luxe interior and ability to produce 503 horsepower.

Vencer SartheThe Vencer Sarthe is the product of a new imagination on the supercar scene. I hope it undergoes a few makeovers because the snub nose and less-than curvaceous body do nothing for me. 

It is only the exterior of the Vencer Sarthe that grinds my gears. The overall powertrain seems to be on the right road for a bright future:

  • V8 engine paired with 6-speed transaxle manual gearbox with limited slip differential
  • Kicks up 510 bhp at 6000 rpm
  • Twin plate 240mm clutch
  • 2+2 layout with scissor style doors
  • Hits the 0-60 mile per hour jump in 3.8 seconds with an estimated top speed exceeding 200 miles per hour. We will, of course, need to see this on YouTube.
  • Completely hand built
Vencer Sarthe

Inside the Vencer Sarthe:

  • Actual head and leg room
  • Hand stitching and lavish Alcantara
  • Sports style seating
  • Uncluttered dash features a wide LCD screen that displays all needed information
  • Attractive carbon fiber accents
  • Climate control
  • In-car entertainment, traction control and ABS
  • Most of the expected creature comforts

Vencer Sarthe

We need newcomers on the auto scene to keep things interesting. Think about how stifling it would be to only have a few top brands in existence. It can be either exciting, amusing or both to watch the newbies hone their craft.  Vencer was founded by Robert Cobben and created by a special team of engineers and designers. The Vencer Sarthe is in the final stages of development and will be produced in a limited number, as would be expected for a new company testing the waters. Pricing for the newcomer is disclosed upon request only.

Vencer Sarthe

The 2013 Vencer Sarthe  

Vencer Sarthe

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