Authentic Kobe Beef Seared in South Beach

Truth be told, if you order Kobe beef in America, it is likely not authentic Kobe that you will receive.  Just like every fad and craze in the United States, once it takes hold, so do all of the knock-offs and attempts to capitalize on it.  To visualize this concept you need only glance at many menus offering “Kobe” burgers, sliders, corn dogs and tacos…certainly not a sign of encouragement.

Not the case at DeVito South Beach, where the succulent Kobe dishes come with a certificate of authenticity.  You see, each black Tajima-ushi breed of Wagyu steer enjoys a life of beer, beverages and daily sake massages to tenderize their meat pre-mortem.  The dedication to the ritual of raising genuine “Kobe” meat is then punctuated with a both a birth and a death certificate.  This makes the one and only Kobe beef highly traceable, as opposed to simply valuable.
Devito South Beach
You may say that Kobe is the Champagne of beef, and at DeVito South Beach an A-5 ribeye naturally weighs in at an appropriate $29 per ounce.  This may make that $32 per pound slab you splurged on last weekend pale in comparison.

True Kobe beef is defined by a heavy fat marbling effect that is unique to Japanese Kobe.  It is best seared medium rare, which melts the fat just enough to give it a buttery consistency that melts in your mouth.

Back to this American “Kobe”, it is a domestic crossbreeding of Angus and Japanese Wagyu cattle.  Where it claims to be Kobe-style is that it is raised with the same tenderizing and beer rituals, though the result is different.  American Kobe has significantly less marbling, and is a darker variety of meat, which is more appealing to the Western palate. 

In the early 2000s all Japanese meat imports were banned due to fear of Mad Cow disease, and in the interim, American Kobe was reared.  This ban was lifted in 2005, yet the Western-style Kobe had already infiltrated menus and hearts across America.  If you are a fan of Kobe, it is important to know what variety you are being promised and paying for, as prices vary drastically.  Think about it, if you are expecting an exotic car rental and someone offers you a Volkswagen, you are going to be apt to object. 

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