Bentley Bandit Busted with Ironic “Dial 911” Vanity Plates

Authorities have finally nabbed the notorious ‘Bentley Bandit’ in Louisiana driving the stolen Bentley GT boasting a license plate reading “Dial 911”.  Oh, the irony!

Bentley Bandit crashed this Bentley GT

All cockiness aside, 22 -year-old Justin Durbin’s MO was simple: Look the part, arrive at a dealership in a nice car, then either swap smart keys and return later or take a test drive and never return.

Bentley Bandit bagged, note the cocky licence plate! I assume he wanted to be caught, because why else?

The Bentley Bandit’s cross-country luxury car joy ride began in early June when he stole a Mercedes at a Fishers, Indiana dealership using a smart key obtained at another dealership.  He then swapped it for a Mercedes SL550 in Naperville, Illinois under the guise of a test-drive.  His next stop was for a 2011 GLK in St. Charles, Missouri then south to Naples, Florida where he upgraded his ‘Benz Bandit‘ title for the ‘Bentley Bandit‘, by taking off in a Bentley Continental GT.  Apparently, his taste for the finer things had become somewhat more sophisticated in the south!

Bentley Bandit caught

Durbin’s luxury car theft spree ended in Louisiana following a 6-hour sometimes high-speed chase that concluded with him crashing the innocent Bentley.  According to the U.S. Marshall’s office, Durban simply put his hands in the air and said, “It’s me” to the small army of squad cars, police helicopters, and bloodhounds. Durbin is being held without bond in a Louisiana jail.

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