5 South Beach Must-Try Restaurants

There are a plethora of dining options in Miami’s South Beach, offering international options and various levels of sophistication.  Some restaurants are low key and you may simply stroll up to from the beach, and some beg for a bit more luxurious finesse, such as an exotic sports car rental Miami …and actual clothing over your bikini…unless you happen to be Courtney Love.

These 5 South Beach restaurants can be dressed-up or casual, but know that Miami casual maintains a different definition than other parts of the country!  Miami casual is what some consider business casual, yet sexier items are acceptable for all occasions.

5.  The Café @ Books & Books
4.  AltaMare
3.  Sardinia Ristorante
2.  Macaluso’s Italian Cuisine
1.  The Royal @ the Raleigh Hotel

Black bean hummus sandwich at Books & Books Sobe

Black bean hummus sandwich at Books & Books Sobe


5. The Café @ Brooks & Brooks may surprise you as a favorite, but it offers the South Beach quaint bistro and people watching.  Here you can relax on the outdoor patio with a glass of wine and wait for a celebrity spotting, simultaneously observing fashion trends while enjoying salads, sandwiches and vegan offerings that are much more than simple tourist traps…they are actually delicious.  The menu is a bit Floribbean, with the typical Asian and Cuban influences.
AltaMare South Beach

AltaMare South Beach

4.  AltaMare has relocated to a more spacious venue; still offering up fish so fresh that locals will always find it!  AltaMare incorporates locally sourced ingredients at every opportunity, including snapper ceviche, pan-seared day-boat scallops, grilled octopus and raw bar items.  Here you can find items that were still swimming when you woke up that morning, along with a few land-bound offerings.  I recommend the seafood; anything else would be like going to Starbucks for a soda.

Sardinia Ristorante Sobe

Sardinia Ristorante Sobe exterior view, this is a nice sidewalk cafe with interior dining also

3.  Sardinia Ristorante
offers a nicely organized Mediterranean menu, with a variety of meats, cheeses and fresh veggies.  Entrees are cooked in a colossal wood-burning oven, adding texture and flavor.  Here you can find pastas also, with half-orders available.

Macaluso's Sobe

Macaluso’s Sobe has a distinctive NYC vibe

2.  Macaluso’s Italian Cuisine takes you to Staten Island…billing itself as “Authentic Staten Island cuisine”.   DO not let its strip-mall location fool you—this is genuine New York City style food in a modest location!  Here you can find walls coated with old photos of Italian grandparents, famous Italian crooners, wise guys and mobsters, it is a unique NY experience right here in Miami!

The Royal @ the Raleigh Hotel Sobe

The Royal @ the Raleigh Hotel Sobe

1.  Finally, The Royal at the Raleigh Hotel offers up poolside perfections daily.  With items including tuna nicoise, squid ink fettuccine, whole snapper a la plancha, this is a well-rounded South Beach restaurant.  The atmosphere is a touch on the romantic side, which adds a feel-good vibe to the overall experience.


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