JLo to Transform Tough Towing Men into Miami TV Stars

Superstar slash entrepreneur Jennifer Lopez is working her magic again, this time she will be transforming seemingly ordinary towing men into television stars, Miami-style!  The men work for a Miami, Florida towing company, and have agreed to let JLo lead them down the path of reality TV stardom.  So what is the hitch?

Apparently, there isn’t one.  The series is set to air this month (July) and is titled ‘South Beach Tow’.   JLo will act as producer for the series, which highlights the daily grind of a family-owned towing company in Miami.  Luxury cars and exotic rental cars Miami, beware!

South Beach Tow promo

According to Simon Fields, executive producer,
“We shot a teaser reel on the family, I showed it to her (JLo), and she loved them.”

Viewers will get a rare glimpse at the other side of the story as the Ashenoff family works in the South Florida heat to tow illegally parked cars all over the city to the impound lots.

While it is not certain how many friends the series will make for the Ashenoff family, as most people despise towing companies, the publicity should be fun and never hurts!  I know I will be tuned in!



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