Bentley Says Not So Fast on the SuperSports

Bentley has occupied itself for quite a length of time by focusing on its iconic line of SuperSports models. The variants of its flagship Continental range have continued to increase in power and technological advancement, but things in the automotive industry rarely stay the same forever. While it may seem like some brands never change, they simply go with what works for as long as the ride lasts and then they adapt (Looking at you, Lamborghini with the guts to finally move on from the Gallardo). According to reports, Bentley may be putting the brakes on the beloved SuperSports for the time being to focus on other projects and endeavors.


The Bentley brand is changing gears for a more colorful future. What changes will be swirling out from the mega brand aside from their SUV concept? 

If your first thought upon reading that last sentence was ‘Bentley SUV’, you would be correct. According to Bentley spokesman Mike Sayer: “While we are always looking at ways of extending our unique combination of luxury and performance even further, we are currently focused on delivering the all-new Bentley Bentayga SUV. The Continental family has just received a suite of styling and usability upgrades for 16MY, and a future SuperSports model isn’t on the horizon at the moment.” 


Does that mean that Bentley cars capable of delivering large numbers in the horsepower and miles per hour arenas are to be a thing of the past? Not so fast. A luxury Bentley SUV is likely to be packing similar powertrains and specifications as those of its siblings. Not that a Bentley SUV is ever going to be as aggressive as a Continental GT3-R, but it will most certainly not be a slack. After all, whatever future products are in the Bentley pipeline will have to compete on the now versatile and tech-focused current market—making a bit of change to the traditional stance a bit of a necessity.

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