Bernie Madoff Exotic Cars Made Off Ok

There are too many jobs which we wouldn’t want. Ranking high among them would be the job of cleaning up after the Bernie Madoff scandel.  Having ripped off clients and charitable foundations of over $50 billion, Madoff has left nothing behind but wrecked poor people and damage, oh, and a fleet of luxury cars. A fleet of luxury cars were just found garaged under Madoff’s Manhattan penthouse. A Land Rover Range Rover, a Cadillac DTS, a pair of Mercedes S550s and a GL450, along with an unspecified Lexus were all under lease to Madoff’s fictitious firm. The cars will go back to their respective dealerships with no capital recuperated for the reimbursement of those so tragically affected. Cars can go back to dealerships but, unfortunately, money can’t go back to all the people. Lives have been ruined and life savings are simply gone. The true fallout is still unknown, as many people don’t even have accurate numbers of all they’ve lost. Park Avenue is looking more and more like a lonely park bench, what a shame.