Zegna Sports is Advancing Black Diamond Days

Spring ski season is fast approaching so hopefully you’re help has started firing up the winter home or made proper resort reservations. Whether it’s Beaver Creek, Telluride, Jackson Hole, or some other Rocky mountain excursion, we want you to put your best ski-self forward. Green luxury is always luxury to feel good about, so twice as nice. Zegna’s Sports line just came out with a pretty fresh Solar Ski Jacket that you will want to hit the slopes in. The Solar Ski jacket has tiny solar panels embedded into the neoprene collar of the jacket. While you ski for about four hours in the sun the panels take in the sunlight and turn the energy over to keep all your essential technology charged. Ski in Zegna and keep your phone, iPod and other tech-y gizmos fully charged. No matter how hard you hit the slopes you will never have to fear losing touch with the real world. The Zegna ski jacket is $2,250 but that’s the price you pay for cell phone service and fully charged battery on the black diamonds. Don’t sacrifice style or mother nature any longer!