BMW Optimistic about Exotic Car Market Recovery

If we were to judge based on actions, rather than words, we would access that BMW foresees a revival in the luxury car market.  We only say this because the luxury company is working hard on its fresh new lineup of exotic cars, including a plethora of all-new models. 

In fact, BMW will roll out 19 redesigned and refreshed models and engines, including hybrids, over the next year.  Among them are a midsize 5 Series sedan, new 7 Series Alpina, and as we previously covered, they will be developing BMW police car engines for Carbon Motors. 2011 BMW X1This is a luxury company who knows how to roll with the punches and creatively combat a tough economy.

At the New York International Auto Show, BMW North America President Jim O’Donnell had the following to say about the company’s future plans:

“Over the next 30 months, 60 percent of what we sell will be all new.  By 2012, we shall have the youngest model lineup of all premium manufacturers in the United States, averaging slightly less than 2 ½ years old.”

Currently, this figure sits at around 3 ½ to four years old for average age range.  Looks like BMW has the right idea, constantly staying abreast of current technology and performance standards is a key factor in sales. 

In the United States, the housing sector and hard-hit California economy have been major factors in the luxury auto market.  O’Donnell predicts that over the next decade luxury cars will increase their share of the auto market as the companies enter new segments.  For example, luxury hybrids?  The future is finally looking a bit brighter, thanks BMW for a bright spot in a dim market.

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