BMW Unveils Electric Motorcycle Concept

BMW Husqvarna Electric Bike

BMW Husqvarna E-go concept

BMW has just introduced its latest nod to the environment, the Husqvarna Concept E-go electric motorcycle. Apparently there is a market for electric motorcycling, and this BMW concept has been created for urban commuting, off-roading (somewhat) and pleasure riding! While it is certainly no Ducati luxury motorcycle, a new luxury toy from BMW is perfectly acceptable!

Ducati motorbikes

Ducati motorbikes, the 1098

BMW Husqvarna E-go concept

The almost frail E-go is a far cry from Harley Davidson’s Fat Boy!

The spindly 150 lb electric bike is the most fun you can have with two wheels and one seat while still being kind to mother Earth. BMW acquired Husqvarna in 2007, and while the brand was previously equated with off-roading (think Land Rover), BMW has taken it in a different direction to appeal to today’s motoring youths.

BMW Husqvarna E-go concept

The E-go is thin enough to double as a stripper pole!

The E-go is a slinky thing, featuring a single front fork and a lanky rear swingarm, so it may not be an ideal option for trails and extreme off-roading, which was formerly a Husqvarna must.  We do not know about the speed, range or engine for this luxury concept bike yet, but enjoy the photos and we will await further updates!

BMW Husqvarna E-go concept

Are electric bikes the trend for the future?

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