Watch Bugatti Crash into Toyota During Test Drive!

There are few perks in life that can match the joy of test driving a hypercar like a Bugatti. Well…maybe a Bugatti crash in public. Take a moment to imagine the excitement, nerves and even fear that would accompany such an endeavor for the average Joe. Operating a Bugatti Veyron is not like driving a normal vehicle, after all, and seeing anything behind the car is simply impossible without the aid of a backup camera…which clearly should have been used in this ill-fated test drive! Watch the video below to see this poor soul crash the Veyron into a Toyota while attempting to back it out for a test drive.

Watch this guy back a Bugatti Veyron into a Toyota…during a test drive! The sheer magnitude of embarrassment is difficult to gauge for this situation. 

Words can barely do justice to the video. I certainly feel for the fellow, what began as a triumph all too quickly accelerated into a clash of both cars and ego. A city seems to be a terrible venue to test drive any automobile, let alone an extreme exotic sports car like the Bugatti Veyron. If the sales representative gleaned anything from this incident it was likely to either back the vehicle onto the road for clients or at the very least serve in some capacity as a traffic director until the car is safely on the road. Or perhaps they felt that the driver should know how to back up the Veyron in order to own it rather than be owned.

Bugatti crash

If you listen carefully to the commentary, you can hear the guy (banter between bystanders) say: “Yeah buddy. You definitely belong in a Veyron.” and “Oh my I would be so nervous”. 

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